Ellen Chetwynd, PhD, MPH, BSN, IBCLC

As a college freshman, Ellen attended a talk about birth centers, and came out on fire about birth! From there, her professional journey has been a blend of her love of science and a desire to care for young families in a respectful, sensible, and evidence-based way.



Rebecca Costello, MPH, IBCLC

Rebecca began her lactation journey with her undergraduate senior thesis, evaluating a WIC breastfeeding education program. After working as a doula and childbirth educator, she decided to pursue a Master’s in Public Health, in Maternal and Child Health, from the University of North Carolina.


Nicola Singletary, MAT, M.Nutr., IBCLC

After studying biology at Meredith College, Nicola spent the early part of her career sharing her love of science with middle school students. It was not until after the birth of her first child in 2007 and the challenges she faced breastfeeding that she became interested in pursuing a career in breastfeeding support.